This article is about rockets from Chisel 2. For rockets from other games, please see Rockets.

Chiseler rocket jumping

The rocket jump

The rocket jump is a move and attack in the game Chisel 2. The ability to rocket jump was made possible by Chiseler when he installed something on himself his boss did not know about. It can only be used in Chisel 2, not the prequel, Chisel.


When Chiseler performs a rocket jump, he jumps up spinning, with blue electricity coming off his drill as if it were drilling into something.

Game information

When Chiseler rocket jumps, he jumps high off the ground of the planet he is on, covered on his sides by blue electricity. This electricity will not protect Chiseler from attack, as he is quite vulnerable in the air.

Chiseler charging

Chiseler charging up for a rocket jump

The rocket jump can be done by pressing and holding the down button. Chiseler can increase the distance of his jump by pressing the button and staying down longer, where electricity will move over him as he crouches down. When he jumps up, he will rotate three hundred sixty degrees while in the air. He will stop in the air, if he comes in contact with the other planet's gravity, and turn his body so that his feet are facing the planet's ground.

Chiseler cannot drill while in the air, and he can still be swallowed up by cosmic swirls while in the air. The robearcops in Chisel 2 can also execute this move, but electricity will not move over them and they will fly off the planet with their boosters. To execute a rocket jump in Chisel 2, the player has to hold the Down arrow key, then release to jump; holding the button will charge the jump for higher and more powerful jumps.


  • Arachdroids will shock themselves to protect themselves from Chiseler when he digs into a planet which they are in. This however has nothing to do with the rocket jump, however, and is purely a form of self defense.
  • It is probably due to the robearcops' large bodies that they have to charge their jump more, as a uncharged jump would not get them into the gravity of the planet.
  • It was because Nitrome made a new engine for Chisel 2 that they were able to implement jumping and rocket jumps into the game. The engine for the original Chisel limited Nitrome a lot,[citation needed] which may had caused them not to add jumping.