This article is about rockets from Cheese Dreams. For rockets from other games, please see Rockets.

Rocket cages
Rocket trap
A rocket cage in Cheese Dreams
Attack Squishing the player underneath it
Damage Death (if trapped underneath)
Game(s) Cheese Dreams

Rocket cages are hazards in the game Cheese Dreams.


Rocket cages are shaped like cheese graters, but are rocket-propelled with blue flames. There also appears to be a space mouse inside, steering the rocket cage. The cage is mainly green with an array of dark green dots on the surface. There is a grey door with a red hatch for the mouse to enter the rocket cage and a purple window for him to look outside. There is also a red lever for him to control the rocket cage's direction or possibly speed.

Game information

Rocket cages move either vertically, or horizontally. If the moon is trapped underneath it, it will be killed. They are also used as platforms to get to higher places in some occasions. Rocket cages have to be moved past quickly, as sometimes in their way there is a wall which they rocket into. Sometimes they rocket all the way into the wall, potentially squishing the moon.

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