This article is about robotic squids from Toxic. For robots and squids from other games, please see Robotic squids, Squids, or Robots.

Robotic squid
A robotic squid in Toxic
Attack Shooting acid
Abilities Crouching for protection
Health Indestructible (Toxic)
Game(s) Toxic, Nitrome Must Die
Robot Squid Must Die

A robotic squid in the 100th Game skin

Robotic squids are enemies that appear in Toxic and Nitrome Must Die. They do not make an appearance in Toxic II.


Robotic squids have a large head, which conceals their revolving acid shooter. Below the head is the waist of the creature which has two small, twisted, robotic tentacles. Between the head and the waist is the face of the creature, consisting of only two pink eyes.

Game information


Robotic squids appear in only a few levels of the first Toxic game, with more than one appearing. Robotic squids move horizontally, turning at ledges and walls. When Toxic touches the platform one is on, their very large head will lift up to reveal a rotating cylinder with many holes. Out of these holes will be shot balls of acid.

The robotic squids will stay like this for a brief time, reverting back to their usual calm state if nothing else has happened. They can only be destroyed by tossing a bomb near them when their shell is up. Robotic squids appear to be absolutely terrified of bombs.

When one touches the floor, all the squids on that platform will immediately go into defense mode, where they will bring there giant head down on there entire body, protecting them from all damage. There protective head is impenetrable, being impossible to kill due to this. The creatures can be jumped over to be passed. No passageway in Toxic exits to completely skip a line of robotic squids.

Nitrome Must Die

Robotic squids appear in a few levels of Nitrome Must Die. They have a slightly different appearance than their Toxic appearance and has a lighter sprite than before. Robotic squids act very similar in Nitrome Must Die as they did in Toxic, walking around and turning at walls and ledges, shooting pink balls, and covering themselves when they are attacked. They shoot far more bullets in Nitrome Must Die.

In Toxic 1
In Nitrome Must Die
Squid Robot0


  • They are similar to Octoboss from Hot Air 2 because both characters have three tentacles and have a similar body structure.
  • This is one of the two enemies that appear in Toxic but not in Toxic II, the other enemy being the three legged robot.

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