Robot traps
Trap Robot
Attack Harmful on contact
Damage Death
Health Indestructible
Game(s) Office Trap

Robot traps are traps in Office Trap. They do not appear in Knight Trap, though their behaviour is similar to that of the red knight traps.


Robot traps have a skull for the icon of the button, and when activated spawn a robot. The robot consists of a wheel attached to a half-cylinder with arms. The half-cylinder has some small buttons on it, and on top of the half-cylinder is a camera which can emit a laser, which is the robot's head; the laser cannot harm the employees. The camera is protected by a glass shell, shaped also like a half-cylinder, and has a police cap on top.

Game information

When the robot trap is activated, a robot will come and try to move into the employee. Due to their size, they cannot be jumped over. When the employee leaves the platform, the robot will stand in one direction confused, rotating his head and emitting its laser.

The robot may sometimes move when an employee is underneath it, trying to stay exactly above the player. Robots spawned from robot traps are unaffected by other traps, and like zombies, they can wander around any part of the platform they are on.


  • Robots are one of the few Nitrome characters who talk.

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