For snipers from Final Ninja, see sniper machines.
Robot Sniper
Attack Firing
Abilities Moving a crosshair around the level
Health One hit
Points Seventy
Game(s) Final Ninja Zero

Robot sniper units, also known as Robot Snipers, are enemies and Snipers in the game Final Ninja Zero.


The robot sniper unit has as a block with several cylinders and smaller blocks attached to it. Notable parts of it are an orange light seen on the front of the sniper, and antennae on the back of the sniper.

Game information

Robot Snipers do not move, but instead stay in one area and control a crosshair. When Takeshi gets in range of the crosshair, it will begin to follow him.


Takeshi hiding from the crosshair

The crosshair will move slowly, but fast enough to keep up with Takeshi. The crosshair will only fire if a part of it is on Takeshi, and continually fire until Takeshi outruns it. Robot Sniper units are more advanced than the Final Ninja variation, as going into stealth while the crosshair is after Takeshi will do nothing, as the robot sniper unit can detect where Takeshi is, and will notice him a if he is just standing there. The sniper uses infra-red to detect Takeshi, and so senses light being emitted from Takeshi that the naked eye cannot see. Infra-red energy is emitted from all living humans.

Although stealth will not work at all with the Robot Sniper Unit, hiding behind grey cables will prevent the Robot Sniper from detecting Takeshi, possibly because the infra-red energy going through the cables disrupts the robot sniper unit's detection. Robot sniper units are located somewhere in the level, but can be hard to find. Robot Sniper Units are exceedingly weak and will explode if it with a single Ninja Star.

Robot sniper units are not very common in Final Ninja Zero. They can be difficult to avoid if multiple enemies are in the level.