Robot eyes

Two robot eyes

Robot eyes are a tank part in the game Steamlands.


Robot eyes are square with a silver triangle like object that has a red line going though them placed at either the left or right top corner and the bottom right or left corner. Where the red line is placed on the triangle like object, there will be a round object placed in the small space between them.

The round object is silver on the outside and red on the inside and appears to look like a robot eye. Placed above the circular object is a brown object that is placed almost on top of the circular object. At either the bottom right or left corner is another triangle object that is a mixture of grey and dark grey. The space in between the objects in the corners is a very dark grey that is almost black.

Game Information

Robot eyes are made on an iron block and act as a booster, only providing a much bigger power radius. Their health starts at 400 and cannot be increased as no shop items exist for it. Robot armour also exists for it, although it doesn't add any extra ability being on top of a robot eye. A flag in Steamlands depicts two left and right robot eyes side by side.

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