This article is about robots from The Glassworks. For robots from other games, please see Robots.

Robot workers
GW Robot Worker 1GW Robot Worker 2
Gender Unspecified
Species Robot
Faction Good
Status Alive
Game(s) The Glassworks
Special Only robot workers with bolt machine can hurt the player on contact

Robot workers are robots and characters that are seen working in the game The Glassworks. They are either cleaning the glass or fixing a machine by whacking it with a wrench.


They are similar to cleaners and cyborgs in shape and colour. They are dark orange in its entire body, and their arms and legs are grey. Their back are similar to shells, and they have circular yellow eyes.

Game information

They are not seen very often throughout the game. When you get close to them, they may talk about something pointless in the level. When they are seen with the wrench, they are generally located at the top of the level, and when they are hitting the bolt machine, bolts fall though the level. The ones cleaning the glass with brushes are not commonly seen in the game.

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