This article is about the robot from Rustyard. For the robot from other games, please see Robots.

The robot[1] is the main character in the game Rustyard.


The robot consists of a body and a head. His body has two feet and a cable that attaches from his body to his head. His head is a three-pin plug, coloured brownish on the edges and back due to rust, but has a black coloured face. He has two green eyes and three pins.

Game information


The robot with a power house

The robot is quite vulnerable as he is usually not aware of the dangers around him, possibly because he is a simple robot. Touching any hazard or enemy will instantly kill him. When he gets to his power house he will plug his his head into the house and electrocute himself, which is probably him recharging himself.


The robot with his girlfriend

After the player completes Rustyard, the robot finds a girlfriend.


  • The robot acts similar to WALL-E, the main character of the movie with the same name, WALL-E. Both the robot and WALL-E wander around a junkyard lonely, with no humans on the planet. They both also try to find their way back to a machine of some sort (in WALL-E's case, a broken down truck)
Both of them also find girlfriends in the end of their stories.


  1. Rustyard level 2: "You can drag the platform and take the robot up."