Bumpbattlerobot Greenbumprobot Bluebumprobot Yellowbumprobot
The robot in four different colours
Gender N/A
Species Robot
Faction Good
Health 1 blow with falling
Level(s) All
Perhaps broken
Game(s) Bump Battle Royale

The robot is the main character in Bump Battle Royale.


The robot that the player controls appears as grey robot with a rectangular head. The robot wears a red cap with a white stripe on the front, and has two blue circles on the sides of its head that most likely function as ears. On the front of its head are two blue circles with black insides that function as eyes. The robot's body is inside the bumper car, a circular vehicle with a black and grey-ringed base and a red hull. A single white racing stripe goes down the hood of the bumper car.

The rest of the robot's body is not seen, but based on the appearance of the other robots, it most likely has a rectangular body with two arms and two legs. The top half of its body would be grey and the bottom half would be blue. It would probably hold a grey wrench in its hands.

Game information

The robots worked as a maintenance crew for the bumper car arenas. The robots wanted to compete, but Nitrome Boss told them that they would not stand a chance and would "never amount to anything more than 'lowly maintenance trash cans'". Nitrome Boss treats them poorly as seen when he calls them 'junk', 'slackers' and 'useless'. The orange robot wanted to prove that they could amount to more than just maintenance workers and so he entered into the Bump Battle Royale arena to beat all of the other competitors and prove Nitrome Boss wrong.

The orange robot is present at the start of the campaign as a character for the player to play. In multiplayer, different colours of this robot can be selected, with the orange colour selectable for player one, the green colour for player two, the blue colour for player three, and the yellow colour for player four.

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