This article is about robotic squids from Chisel 2. For robots and squids from other games, please see Robotic squids, Squids, or Robots.

Chisel2 Robosquid idle animated
Attack Shooting their head drill up, dangerous on contact
Abilities Preventing Chiseler from moving
Health One hit
Points Fifty
Game(s) Chisel 2

Robosquids are enemies in the game Chisel 2.


Robosquids are pale yellow and resemble a squid. They have small pink and circular eyes on their round face and a v-shaped mouth that is surrounded by a dark grey oval.

At the top of the robosquids head is a pale yellow drill that is attached the the rest of the squid by a small pale yellow cylinder that lengthens when Chiseler comes near the robosquid. Lastly, at the bottom of the robosquid is four pale yellow tentacles.

Game information

Robosquids do not move but instead stay stationary in one place, and are usually placed near other robosquids. Robosquids can be easily killed by drilling up underneath them which will grant the player fifty points, but only if they do not have their head drill-shaped head fin shot up into the air, in which case they will hurt the player.

Robosquids will shoot up their drill-shaped head fin when Chiseler comes near, preventing him from moving any farther in that direction. Robosquids appear a several times throughout Chisel 2 and first appear in level three.

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