Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Homes in on the player
Health One blow
Game(s) Chisel 2

Robearcops are enemies in Chisel 2.


Robearcops are bear-like policemen that patrol certain areas of the galaxy, one of them being the Delta Quadrant. Robearcops have a big purple body, a big mouth with pointy teeth, a white face with pink eyes, and purple legs and ears. Along with being mostly purple, robearcops have crab-like arms and a light atop their head.

Game information

Robearcops make very few appearances in Chisel 2, appearing only twice in the game and first appearing in level nine. Robearcops share several similarities with Chiseler, the Chisel series's main character. Robearcops try to home in on Chiseler, moving at a quite faster pace than almost all homing-in enemies in Chisel 2. The robearcops will shine and rotate a blue and red light from the light atop their head whenever they are on solid ground.

When Chiseler moves to another planet, the robearcops will rocket jump to the planet Chiseler is on. After the robearcops jump, their siren will ring twice. Due to the speed of the robearcops, it is very hard to kill them, but possible. The only Chisel 2 levels robearcops appear in are level nine and twenty seven.


  • There is a glitch that in level 27, when a robearcop rocket jumps to a planet, they may fail to make it to the planet and drift off into space.
  • In the level description for level 27 where the player has to cut down a donut shaped planets, Chiseler says that the robearcops have become fat eating donuts, yet they appear the same as they do in level nine.
  • Robearcops stay down a bit longer when performing a rocket jump. It may be because robearcops are heavy and need to charge their jump to get to the next planet.
  • Robearcops are possibly a reference to the 1987 film Robocop.
  • The robearcop on level nine can be killed, the player has to get it to the edge of the planet, then drill.
  • The robearcop's siren was reused for Nitrome Must Die.[1]


  1. Listen to Austin and Justin entering Nitrome Tower, the scene with the Charomat

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