Rival finch
Naked finch 1
A walking finch
Attack Dangerous on contact
Health 1 hit from the finch's boost
Game(s) Cooped Up

Rival finches[1] are the enemies in Cooped Up.

General appearance

Most rival finches appear as finches lacking feathers, these finches also having an orange beak, relatively large black eyes, and orange feet.

Game information

All rival finches encountered will kill the player on contact. They all, apart from flying finches, reside on ropes and try to move towards the player. There are six variants of rival finches; walking finches, dashing finches, flying finches, big finches, chasing finches and the finch horde.

Walking finches

Walking finches walk horizontally on a rope and will move towards the player when they get on their rope.

Dashing finches

Dashing finches hide at the end a rope, and when the finch gets on the rope, the dashing finch will immediately fly past the whole string of rope at a fast speed.

Flying finches

Flying finches fly horizontally.

Big finches

Big finches move slower than the other rival finches, but are much wider, so they are sometimes difficult to avoid. The player should time their jumps carefully.

Chasing finches

Chasing finches are the fastest of all the finches. As soon as the player gets on the same rope the chasing finch is on, it will start chasing the player, pursuing them quickly and will jump onto higher ropes as well. The player has to outrun the chasing finch in order for it to cease from chasing them.

Finch horde

The finch horde which will rise up from the bottom of the screen if the player is idle for too long. They will not appear if the player is on the first string of rope.


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