Ringed pink aliens
Ringed Pink Alien
Attack Harmful on contact
Abilities Bouncing off walls, spawning from larger aliens
Health 1 hit
Points 100
Game(s) Bullethead

Ringed pink aliens are enemies in Bullethead. They are the second enemy introduced to the soldiers and are also the easiest enemy to destroy, requiring only one hit with a bullet.


A ringed pink alien consists of a small pink alien with a ring around the top and a touch of green on the bottom of the ring. The ring levitates the alien and moves it wherever it wants to go. It has no specific or predetermined route to travel by.

Game information

A ringed pink alien has no attack, it is only dangerous to the player by touch. It will bounce off the screen boundaries, and repetitively opens its mouth. When killed, it will usually drop a power up. They usually come in groups.

This is the easiest way for the player to get a lot of power ups, since they almost always appear in huge groups, covering most of the screen. They sometimes emerge from robotic squids when they are destroyed. Ringed pink aliens are one of few enemies in Bullethead to not fly in lines -- rather, they will fly randomly about the screen.

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