Right eye
Colourblind RightEye idle animated
Gender Male
Species Eyeball
Faction Good
Health One hit
Level(s) All
Status Alive
Game(s) Colourblind
Special Can use coloured objects to create items in a level

The right eye is the main character in the game Colourblind.


The right eye has the appearance of a white eyeball, with a tuft of hair on his "head" with two legs and shoes. His iris, when not coloured, is a shiny black, but shifts colours whenever he touches a coloured object, such as a totem. Those colours can be blue, green, red, orange, pink and purple, depending on which totems were touched. One of his death animations, being electrocuted, shows he has a skull-like bone structure instead of being a regular eyeball.

Game information


The right eye is seen in the introduction of the game with his girlfriend, the left eye, who enables him to see colour. They were strolling through a grassy meadow in the Vitreous Wood when the Pirate Cloud came and snatched the left eye. The right eye is saddened, and loses the ability to see colours. The right eye then feels motivated to go and rescue the left eye.

Colour Blind - Introduction00:29

Colour Blind - Introduction

The introduction

After many trials, the right eye confronts the Pirate Cloud, and fights him, eventually rescuing his girlfriend.
Colour Blind - Ending01:02

Colour Blind - Ending

The ending

In game

The right eye has the ability to use totems to be able to see platforms, spikes, enemies, and coins. The colour of the totem will let the right eye be able to use and manipulate differently coloured objects. However, if the right eye comes in contact with a waterfall, then all colours will be removed. The right eye is also able to walk and jump. Finally, if the right eye comes in contact with any hazards or enemies, then he will die.

Awesume Glasses

When the right eye has collected all the coins in the game, he can obtain the Awesume Glasses, which allows him to get to the bonus level. The Awesume Glasses fire a bolt of flashing multicoloured energy when an enemy comes level to the glasses. The bolt will then destroy the enemy if contact is made.

Other appearances

  • Kraken skin - The right eye appears angry and is standing on the Kraken's large tentacle.


Death animations


  • The right eye's motives may be selfish because he may want to see all colours again, rather than rescue his girlfriend.

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