Attack Moves forward and hits the cable car;
Dangerous on contact
Damage One passenger
Game(s) Skywire

Rhinoceroses are enemies from the game Skywire.


Rhinoceroses are big square-shaped grey/purple enemies, and have two small grey ears on their head, one large white tusk and one small white tusk on the front of their head. They have grey tracks in the place of legs. They also have two white eyes with black pupils that are half closed.

There are randomly placed pieces of metal attached to their body, with bolts holding them in place. They also have a small white wind-up device on their rear end, which appears to look like a tail. Their body is a little bit smaller than the head, and it is grey and shines at the top, like the head.

Game information

Rhinoceroses stand on long islands, and charge forward whenever the player disrupts their line of sight. They will drive forward on their mechanical wheels and try to hit the cable car. Upon missing the cable car, the rhinoceros will go back to its original position. A rhinoceros takes about two seconds to reach the player, and will slowly go backwards to its original position.

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