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Rhino beetle
Rhino beetle
Attacks Dangerous on contact
Abilities Can smash walls
Level Ten and twenty
Health Invincible
Game(s) Ribbit

The rhino beetle is the only boss in the game Ribbit.


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The rhino beetle appears as a giant grey beetle with a huge white horn on front of it. Below the horn are two rows of flat, discolored teeth. It has two eyes with extra large, black eyebrows. It has six legs beneath it, and two smaller wings on its back. Above its wings are two black shells.

Game information

The rhino beetle was created by Dr. Siamese to stop Ribbit, but Ribbit was able to outrun it. The rhino beetle is first encountered on level 10, and it flies at the back of the screen, coming closer at a moderate pace. Ribbit must overcome the obstacles blocking his way and make it to the ending hoop before the rhino beetle catches it.

The rhino beetle appears again doing the same thing in level 20, but this time it is harder for the player to avoid all the hazards. If Ribbit touches the rhino beetle, Ribbit will immediately lose all of his hearts and fall apart. There is no way to go above or under the beetle, because it follows Ribbit's exact movements. The rhino beetle takes up the game screen from top to bottom.


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