This article is about checkpoints from Fault Line. For checkpoints from other games, please see Checkpoints.

Restart pads
Restart padRestart pad
An activated restart pad (left) and an unactivated restart pad (right)
Ability Respawns Zapo
Game(s) Fault Line

Restart pads are interactive objects in Fault Line.


Restart pads are rectangular and embedded into the floor. The top of the restart pad is a very light grey and rectangular with pink rectangles continually come down into it when the restart pad is activated. Below the light grey part of the reset pad is another rectangular part that is a darker shade of light grey.

A small square that is a mixture of various shades of pink when activated or very dark purple when not activated is placed in the middle of the rectangle. A small circle of the same colour as the square when activated or a lighter shade of dark purple when not activated is placed on either side of the square and is also a equal distance away from it as the other circle on the opposite side.

Game information

Restart pads first appear on level one, and are in all consecutive levels. When Zapo touches a restart pad, the next time he dies, he will respawn there. Zapo will repsawn at the last restart pad he touches when he dies. If Zapo hasn't touched a restart pad, and started a level, he will continue to respawn at the initial teleporter pad until he touches a restart pad.

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