Repair men
A repair man in his man block
Ammunition N/A
Ability Restores health to blocks
Action Climbs around, whacks blocks with wrench
Damage None
Game(s) Steamlands

Repair men are the second of three man blocks in Steamlands.


Man block

This is the block that the repair man resides in when he has nothing to fix. The block has three wrenches on the top right side of the block placed diagonally, a poster-like object on the wall, and a table with a cup of coffee on top and a chair placed on the side of the table.

Repair men

Repair men wear a red uniform, cap, and glasses. They have a dark brown moustache, a small dark brown beard, and light brown skin.

Game information

Closed repair man room

Closed repair man room

Repair men will always fix anything that is damaged on the player's tank, and do not need to be told what to do unless told to repair a certain block. When the repair man has nothing to repair, he will sit on the chair in his block doing nothing.

When a block is damaged, they will go out and repair it with their wrench. If the block they are repairing is destroyed, they will fall down to the ground and climb back up to the player's tank. The actual repair man cannot die, but will leave if his block is destroyed.

The repair man will repair three health points every time he hits the block he is repairing. The repair man block's health starts off at two hundred health points and can be upgraded to 220. The speed at which he repairs blocks can also be upgraded.

Other appearances

Repair man shop items

Repair man health one Repair man rate one
Image: RM1 RM2
Price: £2500 £1500
Tag: Health Repair Rate
Result: Health increases to 220 Increases repair speed
Description: Reinforcing those rooms the men are in comes at a price. And each different room requires completely different reinforcement. Your repair men could do with some more up to date training to get them working harder. This upgrade will allow you to make sure they're all up to speed.
Level: Mr. Fix It The Pirate Commander

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