This article is about pipes from Toxic. For pipes from other games, please see Pipes.

Red pipes
Transparent red pipe
One variation of a red pipe dripping acid
Attack Dripping acid
Damage One blow
Health Destroy rock attached to it
Game(s) Toxic series

Red pipes are hazards found in the Toxic series. They appear in both games, Toxic and Toxic II. However, they are used more often in Toxic than the sequel, Toxic II.


Many types of red pipes exist. Leaking pipes have several variations, the one shown in the picture in the infobox being one of the leaking variations. The general appearance of a red pipe is a thick pipe, sometimes curving, with a few (usually three) smaller pipes attached to it.

Game information

Red pipes are found often in the first robot factory, but not so often in the second robot factory. They are only found in stone platforms, partially exposed. They are seen coming out of the stone platform and leading back into it.

Some red pipes have a hole in them that causes them to drop acid transported through them. This hole is always present in the lowest section of the red pipe. The dropped acid will harm the player ¼ of their health.

The acid will drip at a constant rate, and splatter when it hits the floor. If the player can destroy a stone platform, it is possible to destroy a red pipe. Destroying a red pipe can be done in Toxic I by going to the top of a red platform and destroying it with bombs.

Using this method, it is possible to destroy a red pipe. This cannot be done in some parts of Toxic I, and most times is a waste of time as the player often has to pass the red pipe that drops Acid before they can destroy it. Red pipes leaking acid are not used much in Toxic II.



Leaking variant

Non-leaking variant

Toxic II

In the sequel, pipes serve the same purpose and are much the same as in Toxic.

Leaking variant

Non-leaking variant

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