Red pads
Red Pad
A red pad from Hot Air 1 & 2
Ability Transport the player to the next level
Points 1000 (HA 1); 0 (HA 2 & HA Jr)
Game(s) Hot Air series

Red pads are one of the four types of pads in the Hot Air series.


Hot Air 1 & 2

Winged Exit

The winged red pad

Red pads appear as a small red block with curved edges. The one in Winging It appears like a regular red pad, only with wings on each side.

Hot Air Jr.

Red pad

A red pad from Hot Air Jr.

Red pads no longer appear red anymore but as a small block embedded in the ground that has a checkered pattern scrolling across it.

Game information

Hot Air 1 & 2

Red platforms are the main objective of the hot air balloon in the Hot Air series. They are located at the end of the level, usually in a treacherous place or at the end of a dangerous path.

When landed on, the scores screen comes up. They are always placed on a platform, but for some levels are placed differently. Where no platform can be placed, they are instead held up on a metal rod, or on a rail. When on a rail, the player can fly through them and suffer no harm.

A special type of red pad appears on Hot Air 2, on level seven, called Winging It. The red pad appears as a usual red pad, but with wings on each side. It flies around the level, and can in no way harm the player. Where it will fly next is unpredictable.

It is a bit difficult to get to if the player wants to quickly complete the level, and a nuisance is the player wants to collect the stars. The winged red pad may sometimes go up through the player, completing the level.

Hot Air Jr.

Green ending pad

A green ending pad

Red pads have a different completely appearance, but still serve as the objective of each level. When landed on, a sound effect will be heard, and the player will complete the level.