Red lizard men
Red Lizard Man
Attack Striking with a trident, shooting their tongue
Abilities Attacks more and is speedier than the green lizard men
Health Sword - 5 hits
Game(s) Double Edged

Red lizard men are enemies in Double Edged.


Red lizard men are a deep maroon colour, have a horn on their nose, and a forked tongue that sticks out. They wear bronze armor and hold a trident. They closely resemble the triceratops, a dinosaur from the Cretaceous era.

Game information

Red lizard men are allied with the green lizard men, and are almost the same as the green lizard men, except they are red and have a different head. They are faster, and attack more often than their green variation. They usually come onto the screen surrounded by some green lizard men; but don't appear that many times on the battle field. This may possibly mean that the red lizard man is the equivalent of a enemy soldier's commander.


"The gods favor ussss. We will win the war!"

- Red lizard man in level 2-2

"Soon all of Greece will bow down to the lizard men! Our time hasss come!"

-Red lizard man in level 2-1

"Ssssssssstupid human!"

- Red lizard man on to half his health in level 2-1

Other appearances

Lizard Man Factory Toy

In the Factory skin

  • Factory - A red lizard man appears inside a box.

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