This article is about eyeballs from Fat Cat. For eyeballs from Stumped, please see Eyeballs (Stumped).

Red eyeballs
Red Eyeball
A red eyeball in Fat Cat
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Move around in levels, can withstand electric blocks
Health One hit
Game(s) Fat Cat,
Nitrome Must Die

Red eyeballs are one of the first enemies encountered in Fat Cat, as well as enemies in Nitrome Must Die.


Fat Cat

Red eyeballs are large, red eyeballs with a green pupil and a small black dot placed in the middle of the pupil for the iris. The rest of the eyeball is a purplish-red with many tangled black lines spouting in random directions around the eyeball.

Nitrome Must Die

Red eyeballs are similar to the ones in Fat Cat, but they are smaller and have slightly better graphics (such as being clearer, and the light reflecting off of them). The small dot in the center of the pupil is red instead of black.

Game information

Fat Cat

Red eyeballs first appear on level one and usually move in a continuous motion, although in some levels, they may remain stationary. They are often encountered with small green creatures, who usually appear just before fighting a boss. Of all the enemies in Fat Cat, red eyeballs could be seen as one of the easiest to defeat in the entire game, as they are instantly destroyed by the Owl's attacks or the Cat's megaburp.

They share similar characteristics to the small green creatures, including their patterns of movement and locations in the level. The only difference between the two is that red eyeballs are not spawned out of any other enemy, while small green creatures can be spawned out of big green creatures or tree enemies.

Nitrome Must Die



Red eyeballs also appear as enemies in Nitrome Must Die. They, along with small green creatures, are spawned from big green creatures. They will chase the player until they come in contact with anything, causing them to explode. The large green creatures will infinitely continue to spawn red eyeballs until the green creature is killed.


  • In the message on level three of Fat Cat red eyeballs are referred to as 'badguys,' hinting that they are possibly male.

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