Red dragon serpent
Red Dragon Serpent
Level Nine
Attack(s) Flames
Abilities None
Weak spots 24
Spot health
All: Two to three blows

The red dragon serpent is the ninth sky serpent encountered in the game Sky Serpents.


The red dragon serpent has a head with an intense red colouring, two glowing gold eyes, and a small indentation just next to the eyes, probably its ears, as snakes have holes in their heads for ears. At the front it has two small nostrils, while at the back are two white horns. Like most sky serpents, its scales overlap like chain mail. Holes are placed at various placed along the sides of the red dragon serpent. The attacks will come out of these holes.

REd dragon serpent

The entire red dragon serpent

Game information

The red dragon serpent is a massive serpent consisting of seventy segments. Forty-six of these segments have holes on both sides, and spew out a flame when a weak spot is killed. Twenty-four of the segments are home to a weak point. The red dragon serpent's weak points take around two blows to kill, which is reasonable considering the sheer amount of segments.

The strategy to kill the serpent is to hit the spots while right-side up, and jump if the young Norse warrior is in a tight spot. Because of the low amount of health the weak points have, the closeness of the weak points, and the large amount of weak points, the spin jump/attack is very good in this situation for killing multiple weak points at once. Two to three spin jumps can destroy three weak points at once if they are all of same health.


When a weak point is killed, all forty-six holes will erupt in flames, sending out a medium sized flame that can harm the player. This flame can be difficult to avoid at times. Most of the time, a high jump up (not near any segments) can be executed to avoid all flames.


The red dragon serpent has no special abilities.

Weak spots

The red dragon serpent has twenty-four weak spots, all which are exposed from the start of the level, each of which take around two to three blows per weak spot to destroy.


  • It is possible to stand between the flames and not get hurt.
  • The red dragon serpent is the largest sky serpent in the game, having seventy segments, forty-six being regular segments and twenty-four having weak points.

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