Red birds
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Flying
Health One hit
Points 100
Game(s) Mega Mash

Red birds are enemies in the Carrot Story sections of the game Mega Mash. These enemies are in the flying enemies group.


A red bird appears as a red circle with eyes, a mouth, a nose, two orange feet, two white wings, and a tuft of hair or feathers atop its head. It also is composed of larger pixels so as to make it look retro, allowing it to fit in in the world of Mega Mash.

Game information

Red birds appear rarely in Mega Mash. They all follow a set, horizontal path in the air, never touching the ground. They fly, bobbing up and down, for a set distance, then turn around and fly the other way, trapped in a loop. They are usually placed near or over gaps. They have no attack at all, other than injuring Fluffykins on contact, and, when killed, they grant one hundred points. They are first found very early in the game, on level one. This is probably because they are easy to defeat - to kill them, Fluffykins needs only to jump on their heads.


  • These enemies act similar to Koopa Paratroopas from the Mario series. Unlike the aforementioned enemies, red birds die in one hit.

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