Random matter
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Being invisible
Game(s) Nanobots

Random matter is a hazard in Nanobots.


Since random matter is invisible, the player never sees it. Random matter may appear in many different shapes. Sometimes the matter is a small circular object, while other times it is large and irregular. Random matter never appears in the same form or is placed in the same location; any time the player restarts the level, the random matter changes shape and moves to a different spot.

Game information

Random matter appears only on three levels. When random matter is in the room, the human piloted nanobot is notified. Random matter is invisible and very hard to tell where it is. Random matter, hence its name is placed in random locations on the stage. Random matter is very dangerous as the player can run into it if they are not in a form that can reveal where some of it is. When random matter is spawned in the level, virus clouds are spawned at four edges of the level, which the human piloted nanobot can enter to be surely safe from the hazard, as it is never inside virus clouds.

It is possible to tell where random matter is, through the use of some of the human piloted nanobot forms. If the player is in the bullet form, the pink bullets will stop abruptly when they meet it. team pink's pink nanobots and titan pink nanobots fire enemy nanobot version of the human piloted nanobot's bullets that will also disappear abruptly when they meet random matter. The human piloted nanobot's orbs and bombs used in other forms will not detect random matter, however, the rear ended orb the human piloted nanobot's orb form gains in phase three will attack random matter, and will stay on random matter longer than on enemies.

These attacks are the only ways to avoid random matter, the other being to move in one direction and hope the player does not collide with random matter. Random matter will eventually disappear from the level, making the level safe again.

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