Raise attack
Price Buy: 192 gold
Sell: 108 gold
Abilities Raises the chance of an attack dealing damage
Game Blast RPG

Raise attack is an attack shop item in the game Blast RPG.


Raise attack takes the form of a small sword. The icon is placed within a circle.

Game information

When the raise attack is activated, the player's attack power - the chance of the player dealing damage to an enemy - increases. Unless the player has low health, wants to stay alive, or wants to quickly finish a battle, it isn't the best idea to activate it.

Shop description

Boosts Attack Power


Name Buy price Sell price
Raise attack 198 gold 108 gold


  • Because of how the description and name of the product are worded, it can easily make the player think that it will raise how much damage the player deals to damage. Instead, it raises the chance of attack on an enemy for the player.

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