Rainbow pirates
Mutiny RainbowPirates idle animated
The captain (left) and a pirate (right)
Attack Varies
Health Shown on the health bar
Game(s) Mutiny

Rainbow pirates are enemies in the game Mutiny.


The colourful rainbow pirates are male, and the shirts they wore were green, yellow, and red. They also had big mustaches, and wore bandannas that had a rainbow on it. The captain for the rainbow pirates looked very different then a normal colorful pirate soldier. He had a huge curly rainbow beard that concealed most of his face, wore a blue object on his back, and the pirate hat he wore was black and had a rainbow on it.

Game information

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Rainbow pirates are the ninth enemy the pirates fight. The rainbow pirates fight the red pirates aboard the Galleon.

All the rainbow pirates were defeated by the red pirates aboard the Galleon.


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Mutiny (Nitrome)- Level 903:47

Mutiny (Nitrome)- Level 9


"Ohhhh look at you... Don't you look tough? Anyway, haven't you heard? Fancy colours are the new black!"

Rainbow pirates, when the player enters the stage.

"Oo-er! Now we're finished with them, it's time for a bit of retail therapy"

Rainbow pirates, when player has lost all of their pirates.

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