Gender Male
Species Racoon
Faction Good
Health Three hits
Level(s) All
Status Alive
Game(s) The Bucket, fighting game

The Racoon[1] is the second main character in The Bucket and the main character in the fighting game in the NES skin.


He is seen as a young racoon in The Bucket, but is seen to be more mature, stronger, and muscular in the hinted fighting game, wearing blue pants.

Game information

The Bucket

He, along with the mystical flying fish are the main characters in The Bucket. In The Bucket, the mystical flying fish has a rope attached to itself, which has a bucket on the other end. The Bucket holds the Racoon at the start of the level. The mystical flying fish has to safely transport the Racoon from the start of the level to the end.

If the Racoon somehow falls out of the bucket, the mystical flying fish will have to stop and bring the bucket on to the ground, and the Racoon will jump into the bucket. The racoon can only endure three hits, inside the bucket or not, before dying. If he falls out of the bucket, even from a high place, he will not be hurt, only get stunned. Enemies and hazards are the only things that can hurt him.

While in water, there is a greater chance he will fall out of the bucket. While in water, if the Racoon falls out, he can be easier to get back into the bucket since his descent will be slower. The Racoon will instantly die if he falls off the screen, or goes beyond the borders of the screen.

When the mystical flying fish delivers the Racoon to the finish block, the rope will drop off from the mystical flying fish and the player would have completed the level.

Fighting game

An older, stronger, more muscular version of the Racoon is seen in the the fighting game. In the game, the Racoon is wanted and several fighters come up to attack him.

Other appearances



  1. - Avatars → Racoon: Muscle bound Racoon character from the intro to The Bucket.

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