Racing Empire
Racing EmpireR
The Racing Empire as seen in Rush
Ruler Unknown
Location Big ocean planet
Inhabitants Runners
Status Still standing
Game Flipside

The Racing Empire is a location that appears in both Flipside and Rush; both games take place on this planet. As the name says, the area holds several racing tournaments which put four racers against each other.


The Racing Empire somehow gets racers to race in tournaments. The racing ranges from racers driving vehicles, to runners in suits. In the races, several hazards and interactive objects are on the track. Racers try to get in first, and whoever gets in first in the final lap, progresses to he next level. Oddly, it seems every racer progresses to the next level, even if they lose.


Racing EmpireR

The Racing Empire as seen in Rush

The outside of the Racing Empire makes it look a bit like a prison. Metal beams are placed, with beams on top and underneath. The beams below supported the base metal platform; beams supporting metal platforms on top the metal platform.

Racing EmpireF

A part of the Racing Empire as seen in Flipside.

Stairs lead up to the metal platforms, with railing on the side of platform. In Flipside, a metal platform, with stairs leading up left and right, could be seen in the background.


Main article: Tournaments

The games - Flipside and Rush - are, until revealed in the ending, tournaments. The Racing Empire runs the tournaments, supplies the tracks, and other things with the tournament.


It is not known how the Racing Empire gets their racers, but it is known they hold tournaments. It is possible that the Racing Empire serves as a jail, or gets criminals who are in jail to race for them, as the winner for the Flipside tournament won his freedom.

In the Rush tournament, some odd things are seen in the background. What seems to be a runner in a cylindrical tank can be seen, and also, sometimes, a version of the tank will be seen, with the tank smashed, and the runner dead, lying over one of the edges. A three-eyed octopus in a spherical tank can also be seen.


  • The Racing Empire may not be a business, but an arena, where tournaments are done.
  • The three-eyed octopus in the spherical tank may be a reference to Dhol, a octopus which also resided in a tank. It is also possible the octopus could be picking who might win the level - something that was introduced when a octopus named Paul picked who would win some matches in the World Cup.

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