For the rabbits from Avalanche, see Enemies (Avalanche)#Rabbits.
Red rabbit
A red rabbit
Gender Unknown
Species Rabbits
Health One blow
Level(s) All
Status Alive
Game(s) Droplets

Rabbits are the main characters of the game Droplets.


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Rabbits greatly resemble real life rabbits except the fact that they are red and purple. They have big floppy ears which allow them to glide.

In the end of the game it turns out they were disguised as rabbits and they were really invaders, as seen in the ending below.


Game information

At the start of each level, rabbits appear on the very top of the screen above a black and white line. If the player clicks and holds the rabbit, they can drag it onto the black and white line then lets go and it will fly. While in flight, the rabbit will spin around and slowly float to the bottom of the level going faster each time. If its ears are clicked while it is in flight it will stop flying and fall to the ground and a high speed. If its ears are clicked again when falling, they will resume flight.

If the player picks to have another to play against them, a purple version of the Rabbits can be seen. Rabbits are seen to show emotion at certain moments in in the game. The show happiness when they have reached a score block, terror when they are clicked on the ears and they fall, sleepiness when they fall on an area (other than a score block), and pain when they hit a enemy.

Skin appearances

  • Snowman - Rabbits appear falling in the sky.
  • Nitrome 2.0 - A rabbit car appears driving along a road.


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