This article is about sand from Temple Glider. For sand from other games, please see Sand.


This article is about quicksand from Temple Glider. For quicksand from Mega Mash, please see Quicksand (Mega Mash).

Quick Sand
Attack A hand will come out of the sand, grab the bird, and drag it down
Abilities Will let go if the bird keeps flying
Damage Death
Game(s) Temple Glider

Quicksand is a hazard in Temple Glider.


Quicksand is a giant brown hand with four fingers coming out of the brown sand.

Game information

Quicksand is located at the bottom of levels, and If the player falls into it, they will slowly drift into it.

They can get out of it if they keep flying. Sometimes, a hand will reach up out of the sand and sometimes grab the Egyptian bird. If this happens, the player should repeat thew same process they do when they get stuck in sand, keep flying in the same direction.

A hand will not always reach out of the sand, it is only sometimes while under rings of light that the hand will reach up, and sometimes in random places.


  • The hand that reaches out of the sand has four fingers instead of the usual five.

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