This article is about sand from Temple Glider. For sand from other games, please see Sand.


This article is about quicksand from Mega Mash. For quicksand from Temple Glider, please see Quicksand (Temple Glider).

Damage One heart
Game(s) Mega Mash

Quicksand is the main hazard in Carrot Story. It appears the most of all the hazards in Mega Mash, and is in almost every level.


Quicksand is constantly waving with lines that are coloured different shades of orange; it will constantly bubble.

Game information

If the player touches the quicksand, they will lose one of their hearts. Quicksand is also usually a hazard in other Mega Mash games as there is a Carrot Story zone with lava in it. This is made possible because the games' special walls' outlines might be right around the quicksand, so that it can harm the character in the other game.
Boxes on sand

Boxes on quicksand

Although quicksand is always shown as flowing downwards, it never drips out of the place it is at. Boxes can touch quicksand, and sit on it, meaning that the player can sometimes make a little "bridge" to get across a wide expanse of quicksand.

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