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Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria
Gender Female
Species Human
Faction Good
Health N/A
Level(s) 24, ending
Status Alive
Game(s) Dirk Valentine

Queen Victoria is a character in the game Dirk Valentine. She is only seen on the last level of the game and the ending. Queen Victoria also appeared in Tiny Castle in a painting.


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Game information


Queen Victoria was kidnapped by Baron Battenberg and taken to his Fortress of Steam. She was held captive there until Dirk Valentine, who had infiltrated the fortress, came for her.

The baron fought Dirk in his steam-powered Batter-Berger, with the intent of tossing Queen Victoria off of his fortress. Dirk defeated the baron in the duel, and escaped the Fortress with the queen safely, where she was reunited with the British.


Queen Victoria appears stationary on an unreachable platform high in the air. She just stands there and does nothing, functioning as scenery in the level.

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