A normal quackbot
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Turning into red quackbots
Health One blow
Points Chisel
Yellow: 200
Red: 400
Chisel 2:
Red/yellow: 50
Red/yellow: One coin
Game(s) Chisel, Chisel 2 and Nitrome Must Die

Quackbots are enemies in Chisel, Chisel 2 and Nitrome Must Die.


Quackbots are duckling shaped robots that have a spherical body which holds one big pink eye, along with a mouth, wind up key, and small feet placed on the body.

Game information

Chisel series

Chisel 1

There are two types of quackbots: yellow quackbots and red quackbots. All types of quackbots try to home in on Chiseler, taking the shortest route to him around the perimeter of the planet they are on.

The wind up key and mouth of both ducks will constantly move, regardless of what the quackbot is doing. Quackbots are one of the more dangerous enemies in the Chisel games. Due to their homing ability, they can be hard to hit from underneath, along with the player having to constantly move to keep up with the quackbot. Yellow quackbots move at a fair speed, and will die when drilled underneath.

The second type of quackbot is the red quackbot. Red quackbots in the original Chisel are invincible due to their armored shell, and have to be avoided. Along with being invincible, they are also much faster than the usual yellow quackbot, and usually more than one quackbot (usually three) are located on one planet.

Implementations in Chisel 2

In Chisel 2, red quackbots appear in only one level, where three red quackbots are on a skull shaped planet. With the implementation of Chiseler being able to jump in Chisel 2, quackbots can be easily avoided. Yellow quackbots also were given a special ability, where they would turn red and race around the planet they were on for a short time when Chiseler landed on a yellow quackbot's head while jumping.

Nitrome Must Die

In Nitrome Must Die, quackbots have the same behavior they show in Chisel series. However, they can only be damaged by being shot with a weapon, jumping on there head causes damage. Also unlike in Chisel 1, yellow quackbots and red quackbots are two different enemies. They only appear in one level on level sets 1-10 and 21-30

Yellow quackbots are the usual type of quackbots spawned out of pipes. They move slowly and walk horizontally, only turning at walls. Red quackbots on the other hand, move faster than the yellow version, and are stronger. They are also a bit smaller.

In Chisel and Chisel 2
In Nitrome Must Die
Quackbots Quackbots2
NMD Quackbot NMD Red Quackbot


  • In Green Ninja, a quackbot sometimes appears in the background of levels
    Quackbot cameo

    A Quackbot's cameo appearance in Green Ninja

Other appearances


  • In Chisel 2, yellow quackbots are first introduced on a quackbot manufacturing plant shaped like an egg in a nest.
  • Quackbots resemble Cataquacks from the Mario series, and their behavior resembles Wigglers because if one was jumped on, it would be stunned and infuriated when "un-stunned".

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