Pushy 1
In Cave Chaos 1
Attack Pushing
Abilities Pushing
Game(s) Cave Chaos and Cave Chaos 2

Pushy is an enemy in Cave Chaos and Cave Chaos 2.


Like all enemies in Cave Chaos, Pushy is pale pink due to staying away from sunlight too long. Pushy has a pale pink body, arms, and face. Pushy has no real legs; instead, he crawls along the floor. He has an unusually large mouth and ears with pink insides. Pushy has no eyes, so he is probably blind.

Game information

Pushy is the first enemy introduced in Cave Chaos. Pushy is sometimes present on blocks held by the bats. When there is a stable platform, Pushy will walk on it. Hence his name, Pushy walks in one direction and pushes whatever he touches in the direction he is going.

Due to Pushy's ability to push objects, he may often push the miners back. Pushy can be jumped over, but not while he is Pushing the player, as when the player jumps they are pushed back in mid air. Pushy monsters do not make frequent appearances throughout Cave Chaos.

Ending Monster

A pushy in the ending of Cave Chaos 2


  • Pushy is one of only two enemies from Cave Chaos that appeared in its sequel.

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