Purple nose enemies
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Can climb up/down ladders
Health Cannot be killed
Game(s) Jack Frost

Purple nose enemies are human-like enemies in the game Jack Frost.


Purple nose enemies look the same as orange nose enemies, but have arms so that they can climb ladders and a less roundish head.

Game information

Purple nose enemy

A frozen purple nose enemy.

Purple nose enemies are first encountered on level three of Jack Frost. They are like the usual orange nose enemies, but are capable of more things. They are smarter than orange enemies, because their heads are larger, more like a rounded rectangle than a circle.

They may sometimes choose not to go up ladders when they get to them. Like their orange cousins, and mostly all enemies in Jack Frost, they can be frozen in a block of ice when touched by Jack Frost, and used as a platform. Purple nose enemies have arms, which orange nose enemies lack.


  • They faintly resemble Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants, but they are purple.

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