Puppet knights
Puppet Armour2
Attack Firing spike balls
Health Gun(GS) - No effect
Sword(GS) - One
Grenade(GS) - No effect
Game(s) Graveyard Shift

Puppet knights are enemies in the game Graveyard Shift.


Puppet knights are a suit of greenish-grey armour. The top of the puppet knight's armour is suspended in the air by three strings, two of which are attached to its arms while the third one is attached to its head.

The puppet knight has two fingers attached to its arms and no legs. The makes that goes over the puppet knight's head is shaped liked a diamond with a bright green cross placed upside down in the middle of it.

Game information

Puppet knight are first encountered in level six and will drop from the top of the screen. Puppet knights fire spike balls at the shooter, and will always fire it at them unless the puppet is killed. Puppet knights will stay in one position and move with the screen, never moving farther ahead of the shooter.

Due to being made of metal, and having no shootable weak spots, they are impervious to all shots from the gun and grenade. To kill the puppet knight the shooter must slit the strings attached to the puppet knight with the sword.Often times the puppet knights will come into play when the shooter does not yet have access to the sword, and must constantly block its spike balls until they reach the sword in the level. Puppet knights aren't encounter in the levels after the castle.


  • If a puppet armour is killed, and a spike ball projectile it has fired still hasn't hit the shooter, the spike ball will fall backwards, then disappear.

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