Abilities Initiates a game over if inserted onto the skeleton's body
Damage Instant death
Game(s) Numbskull

Pumpkins are hazards in the game Numbskull.


Pumpkins appear as a commonly depicted jack-o-lanterns, consisting of an orange sphere with lines down it, and carved into the sphere a mouth and two eyes. A green stem is located on top of the sphere, a stem which is shaded in on the top and bottom.

Game information

The pumpkin is deadly to the skeleton head because if the skeleton's head hits the pumpkin, the pumpkin will blow up, and the skeleton will jump off the screen. But if the pumpkin gets on top of the skeleton body, the pumpkin will laugh a witch laugh, move the skeletons arms, and the player will lose the level. The pumpkin cannot be killed in any way, even if dropped on electrified blocks.

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