Puffing monsters
Attack Push sharply
Abilities Puffing up; jumping
Health Cannot be killed
Game(s) Cave Chaos 2

Puffing monsters are enemies in the game Cave Chaos 2.


Puffing monsters appear as a mass of white goo with three large pink tumors and two small eyes of the same colour. However, when it swells, it becomes a misshapen mass of white goo, bulging veins, and swollen tumors.

Game information


One day, a puffing monster approached a sleeping miner, which woke him up. The miner then approached the puffing monster, making it expand. This knocked the miner into a vast cave, and the puffing monster bounced away. This is shown in the introduction of Cave Chaos 2, and is what begins the game.

Cave Chaos 2 - Introduction00:13

Cave Chaos 2 - Introduction

The introduction of Cave Chaos 2

In game

These enemies have the ability that when approaching the miners, they swell and push. However, they can also serve as a driven advantage to move forward or backward quickly. They become increasingly frustrating in the last level. If the miner jumps at the wrong time, it will be pushed backward or forward and killed. The puffing monsters move around by jumping.



  • Strangely enough, puffing monsters appear to not only live underground in caves, but on the top surface of their home planet. This is shown by the appearance of a puffing monster in the introduction, where it is above ground and encounters a miner.

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