Puffing creatures
Puffing yellow goo1  Puffing creatures
The puffing yellow goo deflated (left) and inflated (right)
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Clinging to platforms (deflated)

Floating upwards (inflated)

Health Indestructible
Game(s) Swindler 2

Puffing creatures are enemies in Swindler 2.


Puffing creatures look like small, yellow, fish-shaped creatures when not inflated. They have two tiny brown eyes, three bumps on their back, and a fish-like tail. One of their bumps, the one in the middle, is larger than the other two. When inflated, they look like big, orange, balloon-like creatures with a fish-like tail and a row of five bumps on their backs. Their eyes become eves smaller and their air-filled cheeks press against what appears to be their beak-like mouth.

Game information

Puffing creatures, when not inflated, cling to walls and stay in place. They are stationary when in this phase. After a short period of time, puffing creatures inhale a large amount of air, inflate to five times their size, become orange and float upwards.

Again, after a short amount of time they exhale the air and fall down, sticking to the surface they land on. Contact with them is fatal for Swindler. The direction puffing creatures move is unaffected by the direction the level has been tilted. Thus, when moving up, they will move upwards as far as the titled level will permit them.

When going back to their small forms, they will fall on to the floor and stick to it. When on the floor, the player can tilt the level and not move these small creatures. The small form of the puffing creatures exerts a force on objects- this ability must be used by the player to pass one level.

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