Tower Fortress is a platforming game developed by Keybol and published by Nitrome. The game will be published on the App Store, as an Android app on Google Play, and as a PC game on Steam[1][2]. The player plays as a character called Sara that has to ascend to the top of a tower[3]. Tower Fortress will be Nitrome's next released game[4].


The player character Sara can walk on platforms and can perform the following actions: double jump, wall slide, wall jump, and a spin attack that can damage enemies[3]. The tower consists of four environments encountered sequentially[3], each which consists of randomly selected level sections, along with the different mechanics of each environment[3]. Upon reaching the end of each environment, the player can receive a positive enhancement from one of three upgrade capsules[5], but only if they have collected enough gems to create keys[3].


The game has four environments: Gatehouse, Library, Vault, and Chamber[3]. Each environment has its own game mechanics.

  • Library - This environment has horizontal screen wrapping, allowing the player to transport to the other side of the screen when going past the opposite end.
  • Vault - This environment has a hazardous grinder platform that is constantly ascending from below.
  • Chamber - This environment has limited lighting.


  • Flamethrower[3] - A limited range weapon that can pass through walls and illuminates the environment[3].
  • Lasers[3] - A long range weapons that deals immense damage but takes long to reload[3].
  • T-Gun[3] - Attacks enemies above the player[3].
  • Bubble Gun - Shoots bubbles upwards.
  • Machine Gun - Shoots rapid fire of bullets.
  • Double Machine Gun - Shoots two rows rapid fire of bullets
  • 3-way - Shoots three bullets in three ways.
  • Shotgun - Shoots powerful blast which takes slightly long to reload.


  • Classic - Default abilities.
  • Light Weight - Low Gravity
  • Iron Clad - 5 hit points, but less health drops
  • Shiny - Single Shot Chests and Sparkle Effect Suit
  • Medic Extra Health Drops but only three health points at start
  • Ranger - More gun damage, but three health points from start.
  • Solid - Hard Boots equipped at the start.
  • Noob - Bosses health halved.
  • 720 - Triple jump suit
  • Esty - Combo won't break on first hit.
  • Cash - Gem value doubled.
  • Trigger Happy - Ammo doubled but lesser upgrades.
  • Super Sonic - Spin Jump damage x5 but half max ammo
  • Librarian - Game starts from Library Zone but with 3 Hit points.
  • Comeback Kid - Revive upgrade equipped, but harder key unlock.
  • Recoil - Laser is default but knockback is higher.
  • Skid Mark - 6 hit points but slippy grip
  • Chameleon - Any other unlocked armor can be used but they have default abilities.
  • Re-Gen - Hit points restored in each level, but only three hit points at the start.
  • MRS. T - T-gun is default, but enemies are twice stronger.
  • Poison - Lots of health drops, but hit points drains every ten seconds.
  • Grinder - Game starts from Vault, but enemies won't drop health.
  • Mirror - 7 hit points, but reverse controls.
  • Shotgun - Shotgun is default, but more enemies.
  • Pro - Gem value X3 but only one health point.


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