This article is about pterodactyls from B.C. Bow Contest. For pterodactyls from other games, please see Pterodactyls (Leap Day).

Ability Flying and carrying targets
Game(s) B.C. Bow Contest

Pterodactyls, or pteranodon, are obstacles found only in the game BC Bow Contest.


Pterodactyls are seen holding large sacks that are made of fur and stuffed with fluff. The creatures themselves look like very large birds with long beaks. Although they are birds, they do not have feathers. They resemble the prehistoric extinct creatures that lived during the era of the dinosaurs. These creatures, under the genus pterodactylus, all resembled the pterodactyl in this game.

Game information

Pterodactyls fly in one spot or up and down in the level, and carry a large sack that has a target painted on it. The player must try to hit the target the creature is carrying in order to gain points and beat their opponent. Also, if a player hits a pterodactyl with an arrow, it will caw in pain and react to the player's interaction with it, therefore making the creature an interactive object. Pterodactyls can also carry skulls without targets on them, being obstacles only.



  • Pterodactyls resemble greatly and are based off of the prehistoric creatures under the genus pterodactylus.

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