This article is about the protagonist from changeType(). For the protagonist from Leap Day, please see Characters (Leap Day).

 The protagonist is the main character in the game changeType().


The protagonist is a humanoid with a giant red visor covering its face with four screws visible on it. Protagonist's body is composed of two dark blue hands and legs and a torso with the same colour. It appears that he wears an orange cap, which is seen to fall off when he is defeated. He also appears to be wearing overalls and/or a jacket with a zipper.

Penguin 1

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After the player beats level 29, the protagonist removes the red visor from his face, revealing that he has sunglasses, gauges and a horseshoe mustache.

Game information

The protagonist can jump and can move left and right. It can swap the properties of any block (or "tile") by directly looking at the block and selecting it, then doing the same for the other one, causing the two to have their properties switched. For example, the protagonist uses this ability to swap the attributes of the metal blocks and spikes, which makes the blocks hazardous and makes the spikes safe to touch or walk on. The player can swap almost every block and entity present in the game, including gems, enemies, blocks, clouds and even the flagpole, except for dark matter.

When it can swap an ability of object, a white line appears between it and the object. A white quadrature also appears on the object. The player must press Space or Z key to save a slot for the selected object. Once the two objects have been saved, their abilities will be swapped. Pressing 'X' will cancel the selected block for swapping.


Penguin 1

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