Propeller yellow goo
Propeller yellow goo
Attack Pushing Swindler with gusts of wind
Abilities Flying
Health Indestructible
Game(s) Swindler 2

Propeller yellow goo are enemies in the game Swindler 2.


Propeller yellow goo look like a gooey, yellow, droplet-shaped creatures that slightly resemble Swindler, but with a propeller with three blades on their head. They also have two brown eyes, two stubby arms and two stubby legs.

Game information

Propeller yellow goo chase Swindler in a set area. When Swindler gets near, they spin their propellers extremely fast and push Swindler away with powerful gusts of wind. They are most often placed around wall yellow goo, in places where Swindler needs to carry a bomb, places with nearby hazards on the wall, or nearby enemies.

As the blow of a propeller yellow goo is very strong, and goes on as long as the enemy is in sight of Swindler, Swindler will have to move if he is blown by this enemy.

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