This article is about scientists from Test Subject Blue. For scientists from other games, please see Scientists.

Test Subject Blue - Message 1

The professor's clipboard as seen in the first level of Test Subject Blue.

A list of quotations from the Professor in the Test Subject series. Each quote for each level is read on a tablet before the level starts.

The only exception is the ending of Test Subject Complete, which is typed on a computer monitor.

Test Subject Blue

Day Quote
1 My work on the new blue sample is complete.

I must create a number of tests to evaluate the abilities of the enzyme.

My first test will be to see if a sample can ulitize the green teleports.

2 The first test was a huge success!

So much so that I think I will add some danger to the scenario! Orange enzyme bullets will harm the blue enzyme.

3 The blue enzyme is proving to be quite a intelligent little blighter!

I must see if a more complicated use of the teleports can be arranged.

4 Today I will introduce a sample from my earlier experiments... Orange.

A simple form of combat should illustrate the early developer potential of Blue. Blue will need to use the proton cannon with the "space bar".

5 This is all very exciting! Maybe I should spice things up again today!... Very exciting indeed! Wall and floor mines cannot be destroyed, but will hurt Blue if contact is made.
6 I need to examine the intelligence of Blue more closely.

I will introduce a more defensive orange sample today. Agility alone won't be enough for this test.

I will deduct points from the test score each time Blue is killed.

7 The test scores are relative to not only the number of times Blue is killed but also to the number of enemies he kills and the time it takes to complete a test.

More haste, less speed I think for today's test.

8 I am introducing a new item today. This will open the possibilities for danger and puzzles to solve.

Blue is becoming quite adept at solving my little tests!

He really is quite special!

9 If the teleports are testing the intelligence of Blue... wait until I introduce today's test.

Hehehe... I do love my work sometimes! Blue must shoot the switches to progress.

10 Blue is progressing well.

Not only is Blue agile but it seems the sample understands that sometimes it is easier to destroy the cannons and other objects to progress quickly;)

11 My word, Blue is become very resourceful!

It is difficult not to become attached to this enzyme, it never gives up!

Indeed quite a character!

This test should challenge the Blue

12 The detection proton cannons must be introduced today.

The range of the cannons do vary but they show signs when they have spotted a target or they are searching.

I am also introducing a new form of orange enzyme... Dodge.

13 Dodge is a simple enzyme, very good at avoiding Blue's proton cannon.

However it is a little slow at getting up after crouching?!

Blue must fire the cannon wisely, as its greatest asset could become its greatest danger!

14 Speed and agility are often ways to keep out of trouble.

But sometimes attack is the best form of defence! The roof detection proton cannons are powerful but have very weak defences.

15 It seems to me, the simplicity of the "running" orange enzyme is understood by Blue.

Mixing it with proton cannons should prove a challenge for Blue. Knowing when to hide and when to attack will be vital for a successful test.

16 Ooh... I am very excited about todays test!

Lots of challenge for Blue.

The only way Blue will survive is to move quickly and attack whenever it can.

Fast times will give Blue higher

17 Timing is key today.

Blue must learn to know when to and when not to attempt to progress further. Destroying the proton cannons will make Blue's journey much easier.

18 There is always a solution to every test but can Blue figure it out?

A different orange enzyme is included in todays test. It cannot be harmed by Blue's cannon. But when it spits at Blue the teleports must be used to beat it.

19 I am able to create quite elaborate tests nowadays... Blue is exceeding all my expectations!

It must be careful in this test, or it will be its own worst enemy! All Blue's skills will be required today!

20 Today's test is a deceptive one...

...Simple is not always easy! Timing the jump is key.

21 The speed of the orange enzyme has always interested me.

It does seem that Blue can move (or fall) more quickly.

Can Blue set 2 orange enemies against each other?

22 The mines in my tests have always played a supporting role.

However they do allow me to examine the agility of Blue.

23 Today's test reminds me of my childhood.

Many hours were spent playing Space Invaders, or is it Galaxian?

24 It is not always the clock you must race.

With Blue's intelligence I am sure it will make it to the final test.

25 Wow... Today is the day!

The final test... Wait... What if?... I think I have an idea?

If Blue completes this final test I must use it for my next experiment! If I combine the intelligence of Blue with Orange...


Penguin 1

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Test Subject Blue - Ending Message

The message from the ending.

Wow! Blue has done it!

Now for my next experiment...

If I mix the Blue Enzymes intelligence with the strength of the Orange, it should create a new Super Enzyme.

I just hope the 2 compounds infuse together in a manner in which I foresee!

Here goes...

Test Subject Green

Day Quote
1 The last 25 tests were a huge success. Test subject Blue is most impressive. However Blue is only as strong as the proto-suit he is in.

That is why test subject Green is so important. With superior strength and abilities, Blue is a good constant to work with to judge Green on.

2 Maybe I am seeing things, I feel like I am being watched. I must stay focused on my work it is too important.

I have a new enzyme I call Monkey. With its own little burner it is able to float, it can hang on to a platform from underneath, then drop down onto its prey.

3 I have to increase the security around here, if these enzymes fell into the wrong hands... who knows what they could be used for! I swear I saw shadows outside the building when I left last night.

I must continue with my tests, they cannot stop. I will deal with security tomorrow.

Test Subject Complete

Test Final Log

The professor's message displayed in the ending of Test Subject Complete.

The professor's only quote in Test Subject Complete is in the ending. This quote is seen as it is typed on a computer screen.

Final Log:-

The anti rejection defenses in Serum - BLUE1207 are working well. I can feel that all my decayed cells have completely regenerated.

All my research has been destroyed. The only enzyme remaining is inside me. Dr Nastidious never understood the true power of Blue. The world is not ready for the Elixir of Life. Therefore I will cease to continue my work and never tell anyone what actually happened.

This is my last log. If anyone reads this. Do not attempt to find me. Blue gave me a 2nd chance for life, I am going to make the most of it.

The Professor.


  • The last sentence of the Professor's log on day 16 of Test Subject Blue is not finished. The full sentence is probably "Fast times will give Blue higher [scores.]".