The Professor, alternatively referred to as Scientist[1] and Egghead[2], is a supporting character in the Test Subject series, running the tests that take place at Xeno Industries as well as being the creator of the Rex209 and Blue. He is killed by Dr. Nastidious in Test Subject Green, and serves as a major point of the plot in Test Subject Complete.

Despite being killed in Test Subject Green, he is later resurrected by Blue and becomes a playable character in a few levels of Test Subject Complete.

The professor also appears as one of eight playable characters in the game Test Subject Arena 2.


The Professor has an egg-like head with white hair on the sides, slightly green skin, two black eyes, glasses below those eyes, white-haired mustache and a lab coat. He is possibly very old, seeing he has white hair.

Game information


Pre-Test Subject Blue

The Professor created Blue, and cared for him with love and affection, treating him as a son.

Test Subject Blue

The Professor put his creation, Blue through twenty-five tests to measure his capabilities. Blue successfully completed all twenty-five tests, which amazed the Professor.

After completion, the Professor merged Blue with an orange enzyme, this merger resulting in the creation of a green enzyme, who became confused at the sight of the Professor.

Test Subject Green

The Professor began to test Blue against the variations of green enzymes he created. Although not stated whether it was during the test or around Xeno Industries, the Professor felt as if he was being watched, and had to increase security around Xeno Industries. On the day he was watching Blue's third test with the green enzymes, the security for Xeno Industries was breached, and the alarm sounded.

A bag was thrown over the Professor's head, and the Professor was pulled down and beaten up. After Blue had completed test three, the Scientist, using all his strength, placed Blue in test four before dying.

Test Subject Complete

At the start of Test Subject Complete, the Professor's body is later implied to be still at Xeno Industries, the Professor's body being the reason why Dr. Nastidious returned to Xeno Industries.

It is also because of the Professor that Rex209 and Blue escape the test chamber and roam Dr. Nastidious's base searching for the Professor. Upon Dr. Nastidious returning to Xeno Industries, he places the Professor's body in a dark room.

After completing level 18, Blue discovers the Professor's body and weeps, before being captured by a Mercenary. It is possible that the Professor's body was used as bait to get Blue, or that it was protected because it was meant to be used for some other purpose.

After escaping and roaming the base once more, Rex209 discovers a file titled "Serum-Blue1207", which reveals how Blue is a giver of a life. Rex209 and Blue make it back to the Professor, where Blue leaps into the Professor's mouth, resurrecting him.

Upon being resurrected, the Professor begins to stealthily go through Dr. Nastidious's base. Eventually, he finds a Proto Mech Suit (which looks exactly as a Rex209), and despite his size, manages to get into it. Using this suit, he defends himself from Mercenaries that have been sent to kill him, as Dr. Nastidious has noticeably increased security.

The Professor later finds Dr. Nastidious waiting in front of a door, a door which Nastidious enters as soon as the Professor comes near; the Professor follows Nastidious through the door. Entering a large room, Nastidious stands still as The Machine drops down to the floor and moves around a bit to form a machine for Nastidious, which Nastidious jumps into.

Upon killing Nastidious, Nastidious is blown from the seat of The Machine, but after a few seconds of heavy breathing, initiates a self-destruct sequence. The Professor dismounts from the Proto Mech Suit and proceeds to traverse a room that is under the effect of heavy rumbling, and chips of the wall falling off. As the Professor approaches the escape door, a Mercenary exits from the door, notices the Professor and points his gun at him.

As the Professor backs away from the Mercenary, the base explodes and blows the Professor far out of the base, on to dry land, presumably killing the Mercenary. As the Professor watches Dr. Nastidious's doomed base, he later writes that he is going to abandon his work (as it has all been destroyed), and is going to well use the "second chance" given by Blue.


Test Subject Blue

The Professor monitors the player (Blue) in the test chamber while the player carries out the test. The Professor may do various things, such as tap the test chamber (shaking the level), write something down on his notepad, clean his glasses, or just watch.

None of these affect the gameplay, and it is only the tapping on the glass that effects the level, this only making a few vibrations causing everything to shake, but no affecting the level other than shaking it.

Test Subject Green

The Professor has been programmed to do the actions he previously did in the last game and new actions to do to fit with the story in Test Subject Green. For the first three levels of Test Subject Green, the Professor performs the usual actions he did in the previous game. Oddly, he is slightly green coloured, this colouration of his face possibly due to the lighting, the Professor being sick, or something to do with the upcoming events of the story.

On level three, as the level begins, a bag is thrown over the Professor's head. He is then beaten up, and presumably trying to defend himself. In the background, stars and clouds are seen floating up occasionally and cartoon-like beating-up sound effects are heard. For level four, the scuffle continues, which knocks the level over ninety degrees. The level is still completable, only titled ninety degrees.

The Professor puts all his strength into placing Blue in level five, and then collapses as his (the Professor's) hand is dragged away. At the end of the level, as the player approaches the Food Pill, a black glove comes and grabs Blue, ending the level.

Test Subject Complete

Penguin 1

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Upon completing level 25, a short animation will play of Blue reviving the Professor, upon being revived, the player able to play the Professor. The Professor maintains almost all the same controls and actions as Blue, including the same health. The Professor can be caused to move left by pressing Left and right by pressing Right.

Pressing Up will cause the Professor to jump up, about the same height as Blue, but not high enough to jump over a Mercenary. Pressing Down will cause the Professor to duck, ducking low enough down to avoid fired bullets by standing Mercenaries. Pressing Space will cause the Professor to give a confused look and gesture that he is confused.

The Professor will die if he encounters anything hazardous. Pressing Down in front of black rectangular areas will cause the Professor to enter them.

Proto mech suit

On level 28, the Professor will come across a proto mech suit (which looks exactly like a Rex209). The Professor will leap into it and somehow get inside, which will cause his head to poke out of the machine. When in the proto mech suit, it operates exactly like the Rex209.

Test Subject Arena

Mimicked Profs

The mimicked professor on the left

The Professor appears in Test Subject Arena, although he only appears in the background of levels, taking notes and occasionally tapping the container. Because Test Subject Arena is a spin-off, his appearance is non-canonical (meaning his appearance is not part of Test Subject Blue history). The mimic green enzyme (player two) will mimic the Professor in rooms taking place in Xeno Industries, and Doctor Nastidious in areas not taking place at Xeno Industries if the mimic green enzyme himself is left idle for too long. The mimicked Professor is small and green.

Test Subject Arena 2

In Test Subject Arena 2, the Professor is quite unique. He lacks a projectile attack, having only a melee attack in which he swings his clipboard in front of him. The professor also has the ability to reflect enemy projectiles away from him, this done by timing the clipboard attack so that the clipboard hits the approaching projectile. The reflected projectile can be used to kill opponents, along with defending the Professor.

The professor contains the lowest weapon power and weapon speed in the game, having zero in each stat. However, these stats do not affect the bullets he reflects.

Upon completing the Professor's single player course, the quote "Ha! I won. How splendid."

Nitrome Must Die

The Professor's hand appears in the fourth boss battle on Nitrome Must Die, holding Blue. The Professor holds Blue, and moves his hand vertically. After Blue's health reaches close to half, he will take his hand off screen and place Blue in the Rex209.

The Professor's hand acts a bit like a shield for Blue, as shooting the Professor's hand does not damage Blue. Once Blue's health is depleted, the Professor's hand will have mini explosions happening all around it. After a few seconds, it will completely explode and end up on the ground, slowly being pulled off. The hand does not really participate in the battle, it simply serves as a lift for Blue.


Main article: Professor/Quotes

At the start of each level in Test Subject Blue, and levels one to three in Test Subject Green, the scientist will hold a tablet with his hands, which will read words which are probably his report or his observations.
Level 1
Day 1:- My work on the new blue sample is complete. I must create a number of tests to evaluate the abilities of the enzyme. My first test will be to see if a sample can utilize the green teleporters.
Level 2
Day 2:- The first test was a huge success! So much that I think I will add some danger to the scenario! Orange enzyme bullets will harm the Blue enzyme.
Level 3
Day 3:- The blue enzyme is proving to be quite a intelligent little blighter! I must see if a more complicated use of the teleporters can be arranged.
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  • Since the Professor is able to up the security at will, he might be the CEO of Xeno Industries.
  • On test four, the Professor is seen falling over and knocking the chamber on its side. This drastically changes the level and is the first time a level is so drastically changed in a Nitrome game.
  • The Professor's hand being slowly pulled off the stage in Nitrome Must Die is reminiscent of Test Subject Green, where on the level the Scientist is beaten up, his hand is pulled off in a similar way.
  • Although the Professor is bigger than Austin Carter in Nitrome Must Die, it should be noted that the Professor's appearance in Nitrome Must Die is not part of the Test Subject series story and might as well just be made from the Charomat machine.
  • The Professor has gone through the most name changes of any Nitrome character, first being called Egghead, then Scientist, then Professor.
  • Spoiler
    In levels 29 to 30, the Professor can still see the things the mech suit tells him on the screen of the mech suit's helmet, even though he broke the helmet as he got into the suit at the end of level 28.
  • Due to the Professor's unusual height when in Rex209, the Professor has strange properties in Test Subject Arena 2 when crouching, such as:
    • Unlike other characters, the professor's bullets cannot go thought one-block-high gaps.
    • When crouching, the Professor is a bit taller than a one-block-high platform, meaning that the Professor has a chance of being shot by a player who is not crouching.


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  1. He is named this in level five of Test Subject Green, as well in the description of Test Subject Green in the list of games in 2.0
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