This article is about princess from Tiny Castle. For princess from other games, please see Princess.

Princess (Tiny Castle)TC Princess
The princess's head (left) and mini sprite (right)
Gender Female
Species Human
Faction Good
Level(s) Entire game, ending
Status Alive

|game=Tiny Castle}} The princess is a character in Tiny Castle.


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Game information


At the beginning of the game the knight will see the princess and has to go all over the castle to try to reach her.

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Upon the knight reaching the boss battle, the princess will be behind the black knight. When the player reaches the princess, it is shown that the princess rented out the castle, and the knight was sent to eject her for destroying the property, and letting her grandfather come in the castle.
Tiny Castle

Tiny Castle

The princess in the ending of Tiny Castle

In game

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In Tiny Castle, the player must go all over the castle to find the princess, but she moves whenever he gets close.