This article is about princesses from Enemy 585. For princesses from other games, please see Princess.

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Princess E 585 calling
Gender Female
Species Human
Faction Good
Level(s) Intro, Ending
Status Alive
Game(s) Enemy 585

The princess is a character in the game Enemy 585.


The princess wears a pink jumpsuit and a golden crown on her head. She has long blonde hair, has pink cheeks and wears pink lipstick.

Game information


She was held captive by king frog until the bearded man defeated it and freed the princess, along with his guard dog. The two of them and the dog escaped king frog's castle.

Princess E 585

The prin-
cess drink-

Princess enemy 585

The prin-
cess on her balcony

In the ending for Enemy 585, the princess is seen in her castle, leaning over a balcony, sipping through a straw in a drink, frequently looking back at the Bearded Man as he cut down flowers with his lawnmower. She witnessed Enemy 585 stop himself from walking into the moat surrounding her castle.

In game

The princess does not make any appearances in game.

Other appearances



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