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This article is about a princess from Blast RPG. For a princess from other games, please see Princess.

Princess from Rpg
Gender Female
Species Human
Faction Good
Health NPC
Level(s) Ending
Status Alive
Game(s) Blast RPG

The princess is a character from the ending of the game Blast RPG.


The princess has light pink skin, blue eyes, and brown lips that are always smiling. Her cheeks are a darker shade of pink than her skin and she has blond hair that extends halfway down her body and one of her ears pokes out from beneath her hair.

On the top of her head she wears a golden crown with a green jewel placed in the centre of it. A similar jewel to the one on her crown is placed on the princess's chest. The princess wears a dress with short sleeves that resembles a ball gown. The dress is light blue and near the bottom it is shaped in a frilly pattern with the rest of the dress being white.

Game information

BRPG Ending

The princess in the ending of Blast RPG


It is never told whether or not the princess was imprisoned. The only thing mentioned about her was that she was "randomly saved" at the end of the game. It is possible that she was lost.

In game

The princess does not appear in any levels of the game.

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