Priests of Hecate
Priest of Hecate
Abilities Turning the player into a chicken, teleporting, resurrecting fallen skeletons
Health Six blows from sword
Game(s) Double Edged

The priests of Hecate are enemies in the game Double Edged.


They are men in tattered brown robes with hoods that make their faces look shadowy. They each have two deer-like antlers on their heads.

Game information


Priests of Hecate attack by turning the Spartans into chickens, rendering them helpless until the spell fades away. Because of this, the areas they appear in are often swarmed with chickens to confuse players. The only time when the spell doesn't affect the Spartan is when the player jumps right when the spell circle is right underneath the player.

Hurt Priest

A hurt priest of Hecate


Magic Circle

A spell circle

The priests of Hecate can teleport to different parts of the screen in the game. They can be quite hard to kill, since they can turn the player into a chicken, and teleport away. When they are hit with a sword, they fall to the ground unconscious.


They cannot be hurt while unconscious, and once they become conscious again, they will teleport away. They usually come onto the screen either with a few enemy soldiers, enemy commanders, green or red lizard men. Priests of Hecate possess the ability to resurrect skeletons in the 3-# levels.


  • The priests of Hecate have a striking resemblance to Herne the Hunter, a ghost of English folklore who wears a robe and has antlers on his head.
    • The priests of Hecate also bear a resemblance to Jawas.
  • The priest of Hecate was actually called the Earl of Hecate accidentally in one part of the game. However, the intended term is probably priest.
  • The ability to transform the player into a chicken is most likely an unintentional resemblance to the Ratchet & Clank series of video games, where in each game the player can obtain a gun to transform their enemies into a farm animal, being able to transform enemies into chickens in the first game.
  • Hecate is a reference to the Greek god Hecate, which is the goddess of fire, witchcraft, and magic.

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